Angel of Awakening (Digital Album Download)


Angel of Awakening (Digital Album Download)


A word about Angel of Awakening from Rick:

"In late October 2006 I was visited by the angel of Zechariah chapter 4. In this encounter, the Lord used this messenger to speak to me about how He was going to be releasing this mighty angel to blow the trumpet of awakening in the earth the following year. 'Angel of Awakening' is part of that emerging sound of awakening! A sound of bones rattling in the desert! This studio project is a compilation of songs that I have received from the Lord, and songs that the Lord poured out spontaneously in the sessions.

Track Listing:
1. Holy Is Our King
2. I Can Hear The Sound
3. Daydream
4. Your Love Is Like
5. Zerubbabel
6. The Anthem
7. By My Spirit

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