Songs For An End Time Army (Digital Album Download)


Songs For An End Time Army (Digital Album Download)


In a day where darkness is called light...

In a day where popularity reigns over morality...

In a day where metal detectors take the place of prayer in our schools...

In a day where sexual immorality is joyfully accepted as "normal"...

In a day where millions are given to save the whales but our own children are being murdered upon the altar of "choice"...

In a day where Jezebel pop stars raise a generation instead of it's own mothers and fathers...

In a day where same sex marriage is viewed as a civil rights issue instead of a moral issue...

In a day much like Noah's...
There is still hope. God still has a remnant.

These are the Songs for An End Time Army.

Track Listing:
1. Martyr Song
2. I Am A Voice
3. Show Us Your Glory
4. Fire of the Holy Ghost
5. Nothing But The Blood
6. Kingdom of Heaven
7. Lift Your Voice
8. You're An Army
9. Gorgeous Face
10. You're Not Alone
11. Penuel (Face To Face)

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