Leaning On My Beloved


Leaning On My Beloved


2013 release "Leaning On My Beloved" is based out of Song of Solomon 8:5 "Who is this coming out of the wilderness leaning on her beloved?"

10 new tracks! Some live, some studio, lots of spontaneous moments in the presence of God!

Track Listing:
1. Harp In My Heart
2. Lift Up Your Hands
3. To See You, To Know You
4. I'm Gonna Burn For You (feat. Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs)
5. Abba
6. Set My Love On You
7. Leaning On My Beloved
8. When I Think Of His Goodness
9. The Wheel Of God
10. A Cheerful Heart (feat. Zoey Pino)

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